Independent Contractors
While Norhoa contracts with officials to perform services through Norhoa on behalf of its partner leagues, the relationship between Norhoa and the contracted officials is by definition that of an independent contractor, and the officials have complete control of the schedule they set, and the offered assignments they accept.

As independent contractors, officials are responsible for their own working schedules (through submittal of their availability on this web site); their own equipment and uniforms; their own insurance; their own transportation and all expenses associated with officiating. Officials registered on the Norhoa site are deemed "Independent Contractors" who are contracted to perform a specific task, at a specific rate. The official is an independent contractor who offers services and is not an employee of Norhoa or its partner leagues. The official understands they are not eligible for unemployment compensation, disability, or workman's compensation benefits, and neither Norhoa nor its partner leagues are liable for the independent contractor's actions.

Officials whose income paid by Norhoa during a calendar year which exceeds the IRS's threshold will receive an IRS Form 1099-MISC. As independent contractors, Norhoa officials are not guaranteed game assignments.
Pay Rates and Fines
Please view the alternative Norhoa site for more information on Pay Rates.
Payment Schedule
Norhoa pays its officials monthly. Norhoa guarantees that you will receive pay for all games worked in a calendar month by the end of the following month, if you are on direct deposit (hard copy checks paid one week later). However, we pay the officials once we receive payment from our leagues. There are occasions that payments are delayed by 5-7 days if the leagues have not paid us. For example, you will receive your direct deposit by the end of May for all games worked in April, and hard copy checks the first week into June for games worked in April. Again, payments will be made sooner if we receive payment from our leagues early.


Off-Ice Training
In addition to USA Hockey related seminars for level 1 & 2 officials, Norhoa will begin to offer at least one (1) off-ice training seminar available for upper level officials. these seminars will focus on the fine details of the game, including game management, handling difficult situations, difference between a hook in a squirt game and a hook in a midget game, addressing coaches and mental preparation for a game.
Off-Ice Training
Norhoa is working to schedule on-ice power skating classes available at no or little charge to its officials. All Norhoa officials who work at least 80 games in a year will have an opportunity to attend. Skating is an important part of officiating, and advancement to higher level youth, college and adult games will become based on an officials overall ability, including skating.
Rule Knowledge
Norhoa officials are responsible for knowing and enforcing USA Hockey rules and any league-specific rules for the games they work. These rules are posted under "Rule References" on the menu bar.

Norhoa officials are expected to follow USA Hockey guidelines for officials' equipment, and to set a good example for players with respect to the use of protective equipment. In particular, helmets must be worn at all times while on the ice.
Norhoa officials are expected to wear a proper official's uniform as defined by USA Hockey. The appropriate crest must be worn for each game: ACHA crest for college games, USA Hockey crest for USA Hockey games, and no crest for non-USA Hockey games. Also note, arm bands must be worn only by the referee in a 3-official system; they must not be worn in a 2-official system. In addition, the provided helmet number must be worn on your helmet for all Norhoa games.

Incident Reports
Norhoa officials are expected to file Incident reports MUST BE filed on the USA Hockey website, the uploaded on this web site for every game misconduct, gross misconduct (PHA only), or match penalty they assess. This must be done within 48 hours of the game. For gross miscondunct (PHA only) or match penalties, contact the game scheduler first, and thenall game officials must file a report within 24 hours of the incident.